Hey everyone! My name is Jenna Levert Kelley and I'm a Professional Makeup Artist in Gonzales, La. Growing up in my teenage years, I lacked confidence in myself until I discovered what true beauty really was. It wasn't until I gave my life to Christ that I found what true beauty is. I discovered my passion for art and makeup in my early college life. I graduated from Louisiana State University to become a sports reporter only to find out that God would bless me in my makeup artistry.

I have been doing makeup for 9 years and have worked in the cosmetic industry for 7 years. I really enjoy working in this industry doing bridal, pageantry, senior pictures, photoshoots, reality television, and of course homecoming & prom makeup. I have had some amazing oportunities, such including working with Jamie Lynn Spears for a TLC Network Special.

Doing makeup is more than just a job for me. It's the plan and purpose that God has for my life. My mission is to make women feel beautiful but to also empower their spirits and to share God’s goodness and mercy. When they sit in my chair, I hope they immediately feel the love of God and that I would have the opportunity to touch their lives and at the same time, they make an impact in mine.

I owe all the success to God and I truly love what I do. I love all of my clients and look forward to all my new clients in the future. Thanks for visiting JennaKelley.com and I look forward to hearing from you soon!